Workplace Problems


Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

Watch the videos then complete the activities and questions.




Creative Problem Solving

Use Scratch   or    Snap!

Watch the video and complete the Problem Solving Activity.



Open the Student Workbook and
complete the Workplace Problems section.


Open the Observation Workbook and ask your Supervisor
to complete the Workplace Problems section.


Criteria and Foundation Skills

Code Title - Elements - Criteria - Foundation Skills
FSKOCM007Interact effectively with others at work VerbalWrittenOnlinePractical PortfolioObservationRole_PlayRPL
  1. Prepare to interact with others at work
     1.1 Identify the audience and purpose of the interaction                  
     1.2 Identify the oral communication strategies for spoken interaction                  
  2. Participate in interactions with others at work
     2.1 Use oral communication strategies to communicate effectively                  
     2.2 Use appropriate grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation                  
     2.3 Use appropriate non-verbal communication strategies                  
  3. Review own performance
     3.1 Seek feedback on effectiveness of interaction with others at work                  
     3.2 Evaluate own performance to identify strategies for improvement                  
     Foundation skills essential to performance are explicit in the performance criteria of this unit of competency.                  
FSKLRG009Use strategies to respond to routine workplace problems VerbalWrittenOnlinePractical PortfolioObservationRole_PlayRPL
  1. Plan to respond to workplace problems
     1.1 Identify routine workplace problems                  
     1.2 Investigate a range of strategies for responding to workplace problems                  
  2. Propose problem solving strategies
     2.1 Identify a potential workplace problem                  
     2.2 Identify factors contributing to the selected workplace problem                  
     2.3 Propose appropriate problem solving strategies                  
  3. Review problem solving strategies
     3.1 Seek feedback from appropriate person                  
     3.2 Record and review feedback                  
     3.3 Revise strategies as appropriate                  
  Oral Communication
     Discusses problem-solving strategies with trainer or supervisor                  
  Planning and Organising
     Develops strategies to respond to problems                  
  Problem Solving
     Identifies problems and plans strategies for responding to them                  
     Records feedback from trainer or supervisor